Above is the final Onboarding video

Above is a little sample of how it works in context. The first time a user ever launches the app the video plays

Above is the little app animation sample that I put together for press purposes

Above is one of the gifs for press


Apple Watch first time use animation

I worked with the team to help launch Airbnbs Apple Watch app. I did the initial sketches and story ideas and then worked with an illustrator who created all the assets. Then I worked with an engineer to get it in the app. Also I made a bunch of gifs for press & social outlets when the app was released


5 axioms

I worked on a bunch of explorations for a "Pre sign up" animation. The project eventually got killed but we were looking for something to help tell the story of Airbnb, but also introduce people to this new sign up flow and why we were asking for certain information. Here are some of the explorations.


Demand based pricing animation

I helped the team working on "Smart Pricing" come up with a little animation for when the tool was loading results. The actual time it took to load the results was nil, but they wanted to put something to help users understand that the calendar is changing, but also to make it look like theres something actually happening

Adjusting your proces to demand...@1x.gif

NYE infographic

The marketing team wanted to quickly turn around an animation for New years that shows some Airbnb statistics. They originally had an image made with everything, but at the last minute asked me if i could chip in. Not my best work but I made this in 2 days. Just putting it as an example of the kinds of things that people come to me to help out on


Find motion tests

The team that works on how users search wanted me to help them figure out how to represent a specific interaction. As a user adds filters to their search the team wanted to stack them up at the top of the page. I helped do some motion tests to see how a things might stack up as a user adds more filters. On the right I experimented with using dots to represent more than 3 filters. In the middle i stacked the cards up in z space. On the right i stacked the cards up on a flat plane. This was eventually killed because the cards for filters wasnt working how the team had anticipated. A good exercise for the team nonetheless


P1 motion test

A designer was proposing a new search blip for the first page on Airbnbs mobile app.I helped make some motion tests to show what it would look like to transition from the blip to a search bar at the top of the page. If you open up the app today you can see that the engineers were actually able to execute it

    My motion test


My motion test

    In-App implementation


In-App implementation


Magical Trips sizzle reel

With a quick turnaround, I helped the Airbnb TRIPS team make this sizzle reel for a presentation. I think I spent a day and a half on this so its real basic and I kept things lean and efficient. They needed something to show off the new app they are making, so i combined some of these app animations with a few photo stuff.


Instant book animation

I helped the instant book make a little animation that would play when a user turned ON instant book. They were finding that people were confused about whether they turned instant book on or not, so they wanted to add a little moment to really confirm it for the user. I made a bunch of experiments first based on the two illustrations they had. Here are a few of those motion tests. I did about 16 total.

This was the final animation