A few selected projects...

Square Help Center Videos

Along with illustrators Celeste Prevost & Richard Perez I created 22 videos for Squares help center. I was responsible for creative direction, design & animation.
Here are 8 of my favorite

Square Order Walkthrough

I started out helping the Square Order team plan their UI interactions. From one state to the next I prototyped motion for each state. Then we took those interactions and built them into Square Orders first run walkthrough, an App store preview video, a video for Facebook and a Gif for Twitter.

Square order UI prototypes

I worked with the the Square Order team to prototype how items animate as they are swiped. The illustrations were done by another artist. These animations and illustrations never made it into the product, but were fun to make regardless

Square Screen Replacement

Over my 2 years at Square i've done quite a bit of screen replacement for live action spots. Every screen on every device in the videos below has been replaced with re-animated versions of squares app.

Square appointments animations

I worked with Designer / Illustrator Beau Monroe to create these four 15 second spots for Squares appointments product. Beau and I worked together to come up with concepts for the four mail value props of the product. Beau handled most of the illustrations. My role was creative direction, some design and animation.

Pinterest Messages Campaign

I worked with Skip Bronkie and the talented folks over at Pinterest to help add some fun to their Messages Launch website here at https://about.pinterest.com/en/messages I composited the animated illustrations shown in these three videos to help display how messages work.

Pinterest Guided Search Campaign

I worked with the folks over at Pinterest to make these simple UI animations that show the power of Pinterests' Guided Search. 5 different flows were created as both videos and gifs.

Pinterest Happy New Year

Pinterest made a custom animation for each user based on their statistics for 2014. I helped come up with a visual style and prototyped animation for this end of the year wrap up. Their engineers took my assets and created a dynamic video based on a users actual statistics

Ford Fusion

I animated these 5 short pieces for Ford Fusion. The project was done for the design shop Ghost Robot, and the illustrations were done by the talented Laura Alejo & Robert Modini

Square Cash

I worked with designer / illustrator Beau Monroe to create this animation for Square Cash. A Vertical version for the app was made as well.

I've done various gifs for the Square Cash Twitter page

 With artwork from designer / illustrator Beau Monroe, illustrator Tamer Koseli, and illustrator Richard Perez I designed and animated this animation that explains $Cashtags.


Silent Circle @ Mobile World Conference

Working with the folks over at Chapter SF, I designed and animated this 6 minute loop for Silent Circles booth at the Mobile World conference in Spain. Below are the storyboards and two short clips from the 6 minute video which showcases Silent circles products & ecosystem.


Thanks for viewing!